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Dying the Bea†les Legend: Mal Evans' suspicious death

Paul McCartney with Mal Evans (left) vs. Faul (right).

Mal Evans was a long time friend of the Beatles. He was shot and killed by police one week before he was to take his tell-all book about the Beatles to the publishers. The suitcase he had with him containing Beatles material was "lost" during the investigation. Quite coincidentally, so were his ashes. Sadly, my Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request asking for information about Mal Evans' suspicious death was denied.
Malcolm 'Mal' Evans (b. Malcolm Frederick Evans, 27 May 1935, d. 5 January 1976) is best known as the road manager, assistant, and a friend ofThe Beatles: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr...

Evans was shot and killed by the police on 5 January 1976, in his rented duplex at 8122 W. 4th Street in Los Angeles.[50] The officers mistakenly believed that the air pistol Evans was holding was a rifle. Before his death Evans was working on a book of memoirs called Living The Beatles' Legend, which he was supposed to deliver to publishers Grosset and Dunlap on 12 January 1976... 
On the night of Evans' death he was so despondent that Fran Hughes phoned his collaborator on his book, John Hoernie, and asked him to visit them. Hoernie saw Evans "really doped-up and groggy", and Evans told Hoernie to make sure that he finished Living The Beatles' Legend.[1]...

Evans was cremated on 7 January 1976 in Los Angeles... Evans' ashes were sent by post back to England, but were misplaced and lost in the postal system...

A suitcase that Evans was carrying at the time of his death, which was supposed to contain unreleased recordings, photos and other memorabilia, was lost by the police during the investigation and became known as the lost "Mal Evans Archive"...

...In the 10 years he spent as their road manager, Mal was blessed with a greater insight than most into the group's spectacular rise, their domination of pop in the middle years, and their painful implosion in a welter of recriminations. Throughout the decade, he kept a series of diaries and wrote an unpublished autobiography; all of this has until now remained unseen, part of an archive that went missing when Mal himself died in bizarre circumstances in 1976.

For many years, an ever-growing number of Beatles historians have regarded the Mal Evans archive as the holy grail. Last year, rumours surfaced that it had turned up in a suitcase in a Sydney street market (not true) and that it contained outtakes of unreleased Beatles songs (ditto)....
Only excerpts of the book have been published (2005). [“Mal Evans,”]

Mal went to Kenya with Faul in November 1966, by the way, another "interesting" story. Mal recounted a story in his diaries in which he want to Nice, France in which "Paul" left without his passport & wasn't recognized at a night club: McCartney “sailed through immigration with no passport, but they were refused entry to the hotel restaurant because they didn't look the part."
[Edmonds, Mark, “Here, there and everywhere,” London: The Times, March 20, 2005, p. 3].
After the Magical Mystery Tour recordings, Evans flew to Nice with McCartney to film The Fool on the Hill film clip, although McCartney had set off without luggage or a passport.[30] McCartney got past customs by saying “You know who I am”, but he and Evans were not allowed into the hotel restaurant in Nice because they, “didn't look the part”, and had to eat dinner in Evans’ room.[30] Because the money they had with them had been spent on clothes, and NEMS was supposed to send them more, they arranged for credit over two nights in a nightclub: "We took advantage of our credit standing, as money had still not arrived from England. News about Paul's [McCartney] visit to the club the previous night had spread, and the place was jammed. Now Paul, being a generous sort of person, had built up quite a bar bill, when the real manager of the club arrived demanding that we pay immediately. On explaining who Paul was and what had happened, he answered, 'You either pay the bill, or I call the police.' It certainly looked like we were going to get thrown in jail. It was ironical, sitting in a club with a millionaire, unable to pay the bill."[30]
Paul vs. Faul in Kenya (both 1966):

Another interesting tidbit, Mal said he wrote "Fixing a Hole" with "Paul." From his diaries:

January 27, 1967: “Sgt. Pepper. Started writing song with Paul upstairs in his room, he on piano... Did a lot more of “where the rain comes in” [a lyric from “Fixing a Hole”]. Hope people like it.”
February 1, 1967: “Sergeant Pepper” sounds good. Paul tells me that I will get royalties on the song...”
February 2, 1967: “Recording voices on Captain Pepper. All six of us doing the chorus in the middle, worked until about midnight.”

Evans was a guest on the radio show, “Full Circle” on KCSN in Northridge, California in November 1975. He reiterated that he wrote “Fixing a Hole” as well as “Sgt. Pepper” with McCartney. Evans never received any royalties.

[Radio show available for download here]

I tried to use the Freedom of Information Act to get information from the FBI about Mal Evans' death, but I was unsuccessful. After I proved Mal Evans was dead, they wanted him to sign a release. So much for the Obama's policy of complying with FOIA requests!


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  1. In that excerpt from Mal's memoirs that was removed from Wikapedia, he writes, " the ...real manager..." There was no mention of any other (hotel) manager. Perhaps his own subconscious was trying to confess that this was not the real "Paul McCartney." You see, Mal Evans was the road "manager" of the Beatles and really much more. Hence, he was their, "manager." However, the Beatles gave him orders so they were the "real managers." There's no way in fuck that that other guy is the real Paul McCartney. Mal's book contains lies as the title suggests. However the secret police determined it was too close to the truth for the masses (us) so they killed him. We do not kill people but they do. Why? Because they can get away with it. What about conscience? They put it off indefinitely until it it is too late.


    This is an eye popping video on Mal Evans around the early days of the replacement of Paul Mccartney. What's most suspicious is the clip starting around 0:43. Make sure to read as much as you can of it. I was absolutely stunned. I wonder if it's a real letter. If it is real, it could contain some absolutely jaw dropping evidence.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. I believe this letter may be describing how Mal was given the task of firing Paul's longtime butler after the return from Africa.

    3. Yes, agree. BTW - It may have been removed from this blog, but the URL is still active if you copy and paste. Mal was very loyal to the Beatles. I felt a bit sorry for him....he wanted to be a recognized part of the Beatles but he was treated like a lap dog. He didn't seem to respond witn age appropriate logic for his age. He carry a lot of secrets in the vault in his head, and it was beginning to be too heavy. When the band broke up, it seems like he was smart enough to let them know about his diary and for safety sake, some of the material he was working on. He didn't seem like he could betray them for any reason, right or wrong. The latest iamaphoney posted this weekend, called Billy and me was very difficult to watch at normal speed, but it can be done by pausing a great number of times. it's almost like a track taped over another track. Who ever this is, they are working for someone at a very high level....may be PM himself.

  3. You may not like it but there is a state foia that allows government officials and others to obtain information that you may deem private that is actually considered public information.

  4. ^ Govt officials don't need a FOIA request to get our personal information.

  5. Woah check out Linda's hand wringing after they ask about the double.

    1. Can you point to the right direction? I'm just now finding this page. I'm right in the middle of all the discussion.

  6. Is the guy from the Kenya footage even the real FAUL?? I know that's not PJM, but is that even the man we have come to know as "Paul McCartney"? Or is it Faul before he had some necessary fillers/surgery? To me the guy from the Kenya trip looks different from both Paul James McCartney and Faul.

    1. Last night I watched the latest Iamaphoney publication from YouTube. It was entitled "Billy and Me" and it some how led me hear, so I'm a little lost.

      The production is very sophisticated and professional. It is so complex to read it at the current speed. I found myself toggling between the talking and the captions. It seemed to be a continuation of another story, but still cryptic. It may even be Paul or the main Faul. I have been riding the fence on this for sometime. I think we need to start looking at more than one or two doubles....and the possibility that Paul is here IRL....(and I don't include the man that used to live in his home on Forthlin RD.)

      To answer your question, I think the guy from Kenya was a double...maybe taking a detour to get started on some facial surgery.

  7. It could still be Paul,yet then again who really knows on this planet who Paul is?
    Some people claimed that Paul was replaced three times.
    In 1966 there was something with Paul:
    You know there is something about me him,
    I go on stage and I am Paul

    Why would Paul talk about going on stage and being Paul in 1966
    if Paul is really Paul that is.

    Till this mystery of Paul is solvedpeople will keep looking for who he is really.

    1. I can't speak about the what Paul said, but I have seen other celebrities talk about learning to play two roles. The showbiz role, and then the private role. I think that is what he is meaning to say. He shows a different character in public, and is very good at it.

  8. The World Is A Lie.... The Father Of The Lie is The World.... everything is backwards....

  9. Maybe one reason that the death and replacement of the real Paul McCartney has been so suppressed is that this information is an official State Secret, with legal sanctions for revealing it. Maybe another reason is that Paul was murdered. And that people who reveal it can and have been murdered as well.

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  11. even mal died way too young

    1. Especially suspicious, as well the disappearance of the manuscript he was about to publish.


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