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"Paul McCartney's" stand-in gave blood in paternity case

Bettina Krischbin's paternity suit claimed a stand-in was sent for a blood test in 1983.

... A speaker for the Berlin public prosecutor's office, Michael Grunwald, confirmed on Friday to reporters that the office is investigating claims that McCartney faked a paternity test 23 years ago.

Bettina Krischbin, a 46-year-old Berliner, claims that the superstar is her dad. She also says he sent a stand-in to take a blood test back in the 1980s. McCartney has always denied being the woman's father and when the blood test proved negative in 1984, a Berlin court dismissed her claim.
The woman, who works as a caretaker in an old people's home in Berlin, claims her mother, Erika Hübers, had an affair with the British musician between 1959 and 1962. At the time the Beatles were playing on Hamburg's infamous Reeperbahn and hadn't yet risen to fame.

Now she wants to prove that McCartney sent a body double to take the blood test. "The signature in the old documents is false," she told the mass-circulation Bild Zeitung. "We have found the signature is from a right-handed person, but Paul is left-handed."

The woman also told Bild that the ex-Beatle, who is currently worth an estimated €1.1 billion, gave her mother 30,000 deutsche marks (€15,300) in 1966 and then paid her 200 DM a month for years. "Why would he do that if he supposedly isn’t the father?"
Erika Hübers says she supports her daughter's wish for a new paternity test and recognition as McCartney's daughter. "I think we have a good chance now," she said, "because he lied to the court -- provided it with false evidence."

Paul McCartney Under Investigation in Berlin (May 21, 2007),1518,483950,00.html
This case has since been dismissed (apparently, committing fraud does not toll the statute of limitations as far as the Germans are concerned). Some interesting things Bettina Krischbin has said, though. From Hardinghaus, Barbara, "Papa Paul," Der Spiegel, 25. Juni 2007:

...At the top of the piece of paper, there stood “Proof of Identity,” and it dealt with a form that James Paul McCartney, Pass Number PB033834033839, signed back in the beginning of the 1980’s, when his blood was taken. On the identification there was a photo attached, a Polaroid of his face. Bettina Krischbin looked at this face a long time. It is, as stated in the documents, Paul McCartney’s face. She committed that face to memory, went home, and looked at pictures of McCartney in the ’80’s. She found that he looked different at this time than he did on the Polaroid, fuller. “He sent a Double to the test back then,” she said. Her mother sat next to her, smoked, and nodded silently.
From F.v.Mutius; B. Jänichen, “Ermittlungen gegen McCartney eingestellt; Berlinerin verliert Kampf um angebliche Vaterschaft des Ex-Beatle,” DIE WELT, 25. Mai 2007:
...She [Bettina] had assembled proof and had gotten ‘two important witnesses,’ who belonged to McCartney’s circle of aquaintances. The world famous singer once supposedly told them, that he had cheated on the blood test...

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From Patrick Goldstein, “Berliner Staatsanwalt ermittelt gegen Paul McCartney,” DIE WELT, 19. Mai 2007:

[Recently looking in the files, Bettina] saw a photo together with a signature from the day blood was taken in London. Her verdict: “That is not McCartney. The real McCartney had at this time a much fuller face. The man in the photo looks like McCartney. But he isn’t.” Even the signature is supposedly false. This signature does not hold up to a comparison with the original in the Hamburger Beatles-Museum. In addition: “Friends of mine have looked at and said: a right-handed person wrote that.”
Paul is dead - the rotten apple 52 2 (about Bettina)

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  1. She should buy some Beatle hair on ebay from the 1960s and test the DNA with hers

  2. That's a great idea, Billy. I wish that there was some way to contact Bettina and tell her the truth. That BOTH men are doubles. The man who took the blood test, and the man whose 1980's photos she scrutinized.

  3. If the father of this woman isn't the same Paul McCartney as the 1984 Paul McCartney, why would he need the assistance of a right-handed double to take the blood test? He could take the blood test himself knowing that it wouldn't match.

    Doesn't this story suggest that the 1961 and 1984 McCartneys are the same?

  4. The real Paul may be Bettina's father, but of course, Faul would not be.

    I think the implication is that right-handed Faul is the "stand-in" for Paul. Perhaps they were not willing to accuse Faul of being Paul's imposter-replaCIAment.

  5. "The real Paul may be Bettina's father, but of course, Faul would not be."

    I thought that you might be getting at that.

    But your story says that the photograph that was taken in 1983-1984 when the blood sample was drawn was a DIFFERENT photograph from that of the 1983-1984 McCartney.

    So the implication is that the 1983-1984 McCartney used an impostor. The implication isn't that the 1983-1984 McCartney himself is the impostor.

    So again, my question is, why would the 1983-1984 McCartney need to use an impostor for the early 1960's McCartney if he himself is an impostor for the early 1960's McCartney?

  6. Faul has been impersonating Paul since the Fall of 1966. If he used a stand-in to give blood in 1983, it might have been simply to prevent anyone from getting his biological information.

    1. BINGO. that fake certainly doesn't want his DNA floating around so as we can then prove his fraudulent life.

  7. Thanks for making conscious of this news. I will remain mindful about its peril.

  8. the accuracy of paternity testing has got better over the years, but as you can imagine back in them days, accuracy must have been really low.

  9. The Beatles and McCartney - they are my heroes - but if this is true - this is a big scratch - we won't know - but please, please Paul - be wise - be honest,

    no matter if you are rich and famous, this is not better than people who are to keen on famous peoples company; it is the same - only the other way round.

    Please be wise - It's pity!

  10. You people don't get it. Faul didn't send a double to take the blood test, he IS the double. Faul is right handed. Paul is left handed. He went there himself, signed with his right hand, did the blood test, and it obviously didn't match because he is Faul not Paul.

  11. The real Paul wouldn't have given the money if it he didn't think it may be his kid because it would open the doors of a lifetime of forking it over to a fradulent claim which he wouldn't do. Even so, I can't say she resembles him and girls usually take after their fathers and vice versa. You can usually see some hint of them there. He had such big eyes and she doesn't. It would be interesting to see a pic of her mother too for comparison. Fauls kids have their fathers eyes, but they aren't PM's eyes. Another thing that's questionable is that if PM was sending money to her and had nothing to do with her or them. Maybe he was helping out a friend, but he doesn't come from a background where you would just ignore your own child or the mother of it.

  12. I'd like for all the indisputable evidence to be collected at some point and evaluated as if for a court case by several from the legal profession. I truly believe that, once all has been gone over with a fine-toothed comb, there will be a virtually solid case against the one now called 'Paul McCartney' as being the original JPM.

  13. I would like to see proper dna testing from a independent source.I am sure Paul had a proper family as well as William Cambell to compare samples an end this question.

  14. I was a big fan of the Beatles an Paul I think a real dna test might solve the issues!

  15. Dean you're wrong, the Real Macca is not blond, look at Faul, he has blond hair/green eyes, his son James is also blond he has nothing to do with Paul, do some research , have fun!

  16. Anonymous, look at the facial comparisons on the 'net that compare Faul's children to the relatives of Tara Browne. You'll see far more resemblance between them than you will when compared to Paul's surviving relatives. This is indicative of illuminati supplanting and subversion of roles - especially when those in the roles deviate from the program. More, it is strong motive, means and opportunity for say a rich socialite (i.e. Tara Browne) to take on a challange, fake his death (quite possible with lots of money), and undergo massive reconstructive surgery to take on the identity of another who will not follow the program, and continue living the high-life.
    There are few other possibilities as plausible as this as to who Faul used to be. For, the others have so little evidence to base their presumptions on that they must be ruled as simple speculation.
    And, James McCartney is a read-head, just like many of Tara Browne's relatives.

  17. Well if JPMs brother is still alive and at the pub on the guiness there may be a way to flirt, run fingers through this hair and collect a sample and a beer glass?? Im 59 and I could "mata hari"

  18. I like Pia Serra's idea. Trying to collect a hair root and then possibly doing a Y-chromosome or a sibling DNA test might give you the answers you are looking for.

    1. lol ya ok. DNA is not the only way to prove or disprove identity. Please see the "Get a Clue" article on this blog.


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