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Was Heather Mills threatened into silence? (updated)

"I know everything and I know the truth."
~ Heather Mills [Source]

Paul McCartney (left) vs. "Paul McCartney"(right)

Heather Mills gave an interview during her divorce from "Paul" McCartney to Access Hollywood's Billy Bush. In the interview, she said, "You know why I’ve left you. Protect me, and I will say nothing.” She said something so awful happened that was beyond belief. Someone she had loved betrayed her immensely, and not by infidelity. She says people don’t want to know what the truth is because they could never handle it. They would be too devastated.

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Paul is Dead - the Rotten Apple 63 u (about Heather Mills):

Mills also said:
“Knowing what you know now about Paul, would you have married him in the first place?” Billy asked.
“Never,” Heather said firmly.
Heather Mills’ Shocking New Claim: "I Have A Box Of Evidence," November 1, 2007,

Mills has said she put evidence in a box & gave it to a friend in case anything happened to her.

Heather Mills McCartney accused Paul McCartney of failing to protect her and their 3-year-old daughter Beatrice from abuse, which she says ranges from lies and slander to death threats...

"Do you fear for your life?" she was asked in a British Broadcasting Corp. television interview.

"Yes I do, yes I do," she said.

"And you are saying that Paul McCartney does not protect you and your child?"

"I'm afraid not," Mills McCartney said.

She also appeared earlier in the day on an ITV television morning show, saying she had taken precautions because of death threats.

"I have a box of evidence that's going to a certain person, should anything happen to me, so if you top me off it's still going to that person, and the truth will come out," she said.

"There is so much fear from a certain party of the truth coming out that lots of things have been put out and done, so the police came 'round and said, `You have had serious death threats from an underground movement."'

On the BBC, she was asked if the tabloid newspapers were at fault.

"It's the tabloids and a certain party, but it is so extreme and so abusive ... I mean, I've been called monster, whore, gold digger, fantasist, liar."

"When you say certain party, do you mean someone from Paul McCartney's camp?" BBC reporter Maxine Mawhinney asked.

"I'm not allowed to talk about Paul and the court case and all that kind of stuff, because we are in court," Mills McCartney said.

"But it is, by clear implication, that's what you're saying," BBC reporter Jon Sopel said.

"I can't say, because I'd be in contempt of court. But you're not stupid, that's all I can say." ...

Heather Mills says she has box of evidence in case she's killed
Heather Mills GMTV Interview (Full)

I think Heather has been discredited by the media so that no one would believe her if she ever told the truth about Faul. Mills hints about what is going on behind the scenes:

MILLS: Married a legend and there's a machine behind. I can't really go into it. But, you know, you have to read between the lines. You know, there's a whole machine going on to create this negativity in Britain toward me.

KING: Caused by Paul?

MILLS: Well, I can't go into it. It's like, you know -- I just don't want to speak badly about Paul, you know?

I still love him and he's the father of my child. And, you know, there's things go on. Things are not what you see...

CNN LARRY KING LIVE: Interview With Heather Mills, March 20, 2007,

Discrediting one's oppontent is a classic disinfo tactic.

The Illuminati FAQ by Abner Whateley
8. Their first means of dealing with opposition is to buy it off. To any group as rich as the Illuminati, a few million dollars are nothing.

9. Next they try threats. Danger to possessions, status or loved ones has dissuaded many a would-be foe of Illuminati schemes.

10. And, of course, murder is an ancient political weapon. The Illuminati have been responsible for some of the most shocking assassinations of modern times.

12. Those who can't be dealt with any other way are discredited or driven mad.

The expression discrediting tactics in politics refers to personal attacks against a public figure intended to discourage people from believing in the figure or supporting their cause (see damaging quotations).

In public discourse, especially in societies with free speech, one of the most successful tactics to drain support from a cause is to discredit its spokesman. This tactic is similar to using an ad hominem argument in a debate. By discrediting the spokesman of a cause, the opponents of the cause hope that supporters or potential supporters will withdraw or withhold their support. In such a situation, the attitude seems to be: "If a person with this moral character or that level of intelligence supports the cause, it must be a bad cause." ...

The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth


  1. Hi Tina,

    This is just a short note from your friend Getsmart at ATS. Unfortunately, I can no longer discuss the PID issues with you there. Apparently the kettle didn't like being called black? This is what I get when I try to enter the forum:

    "You are unable to post a new topic or reply to current posts, as your posting privledges have been removed." (you'd think they'd at least get the spelling right)

    It is sad that we are no longer able to discuss these issues together in that venue. I hope there will be a truly alternative website where we can study theories where alphabet boys aren't invariably disguised as superheros whose motives cannot be questioned.

    In looking forward to maybe meeting up again, elsewhere, in clearer skies,

    I'll miss you all, give the others my best...


  2. Getsmart, you are more than welcome at my forum:

    Please come by. I look forward to your contributions concerning PID.

  3. I have the feeling ( this is the first time that i read your blog, and saw her interviews, i knew she was being harassed and abused in the tabloids only from their cover in the supermarkets, and i am not a tabloids reader and i dont live in uk and i was never a beatles fan, like ok their music is nice but never understood the hype and the way they were dressed similarly, it seemed so artificial, maybe now i should listen and read their lyrics)anyway, i saw the two youtubes video just now, and i was shocked enormously, i cried and i sensed fear, the same fear we feel during war and sort of tragedies, there is something beyond the marketing plagiarism/paul/faul, i dont know how to describe it ,but this is a woman who has been deeply scarred and yet she is still coherent and resilient, she is very intelligent, like you see it concretely she is fighting for survival and gathering data and facts, she know a truth which doesn't only concern Paul/Faul or the beatles ( i dont know her and i am going to read more after i post this comment but i wanted to react at once), i imagine, correct me if i am wrong, that she not only had to face the fact that the man she married is not who she thought he was, that he is pretending to be someone else, but that this man has also many ''doubles'' and that she lived with these doubles, intimately, without knowing, for a certain period of time, sometimes feeling something is odd but brushing it off, imagine the paranoia and the guilt, and then something happened which really shattered everything, her whole reality and she knew a very dark dark truth, sort of like the ''truths'' or dark secrets that the shining by stanley kubrick unravels in his movie when we carefully study it.
    I have no idea if my comment is appropriate or if it's too long, i hope you will read it.Again the only thing i knew about her she was campaigning for the landmines and she was married to paul mc cartney and the divorce stories were splattered effusively on the tabloids all around the world.but i am going to read further your blog.i sense this beatle conspiracy doesnt concern only the beatles or the music industry and their fans, because a lot of dark dark stuff are connected, i think this is just one of the stuff that are covertly happeneing and we are oblivious or indifferent and whenever a victim tries to cry out they shut it down. thank you.

  4. That was an excellent comment. Thank you. You are so right that this concerns a lot of dark stuff. This conspiracy with the Beatles is only the tip of the iceberg.

    1. The tip of the iceberg indeed. I'm dreaming of the day when this might be exposed. Of course, it probably never will, since the elite own all the media but we can but try. Surely more people than just Heather Mills know about this and could help expose it, expose the music industry, Hollywood, the military industrial complex, the Royal Family, Nazis at NASA and in US government, Aliens, diseases, chemtrails... the list goes on and on and on.........

  5. Could a similar situation be true about Michael Jackson? He was definitly groomed by the secret societies since "childhood". As he said in his song, "Have you seen my childhood?" I can only imagine it being a horror story, and like Nanabird said there probable was some very "dark stuff" going on. Unbelievable! Is it any wonder the titles of his albums were coined such names as Off the Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory, Blood on the Dance Floor, then finally Invincible.

    There are some who believe that MJ died a short time after Thriller. I'm not so sure of this, however, I can believe he had body doubles. I am still trying to piece together what agenda was in place for Michael. I have realized he and his brothers were victims of an evil Monarch mind poisoning. I don't know about Janet and La Toya, though their behavior is very strange to me. The opposite of Michael's. They're actions are meek and sexual at the same time. Rebe married and got out of dodge at a very young age because of their sick crazy demented father. I have many questions about Katherine, and why the hell she stayed with Joseph for so damn long? If anyone knows more about this, please let me know.

    God Bless us all!

    1. This may be 9 years too late, however the truth - or what laid before our eyes during Michael Jackson's lifetime(s) - remains the same:

      He was replaced multiple times, before, during, and after the "Thriller Era" (from 1982-1984).

      His second-to-last song was 'State of Shock' with the Rolling Stones/J5. His last song was We Are the World, released in 1985 but most likely recorded in 1984 prior to State of Shock/the Pepsi commercial. There are time discrepancies between his "death" in the Pepsi commercial on January 27th, 1984 and the recording sessions of the We Are the World solo demo/group session. However the matter of the fact is that - even though there may have been doubles between 1979 and 1981, "Off the Wall Era" leading up to the final "Thriller Era" double that was killed off 1/27/84 - I have found irrefutable proof that the same voice we heard in the Thriller album studio versions matches up to the Off The Wall album studio versions all the way down to, e.g, solo album "Forever Michael" at 14-15, up to Destiny and its' Era, which had been the era he had had his first nose job done due to a "dancing accident" (Ha!). His dancing ability within this Era, up to Off the Wall matches the skill that is displayed in the Thriller music video. I have matched up Victory Tour performances of "Billie Jean" and "Beat It" to the album studio versions of those songs, and although Thriller Michael's voice isn't as high-pitched 24/7 live performances, there is a definite match between those performances of those songs.

      It is interesting to note that Paul McCartney (or "Faul" if you will) had done two duets with Michael (Say Say Say and The Girl is Mine) and had even written a song for Michael, Girlfriend, for Off the Wall. I have reason to believe the original Michael had left clues all the way up to the Thriller album, just like John Lennon had had about "Billy Shears" in the Beatles albums.

      As for Mr. and Mrs. Jackson's relationship I have less knowledge of but it is known in the Michael Jackson fandom that Mrs. Jackson had attempted to file for divorce from Mr. Jackson, after she had discovered that Mr. Jackson had been cheating on her with another girl, and had had an illegitimate girl by the name of Joh'vonnie with another woman. Michael ended up being nothing like his backstabbing, cheating and frankly abusive father - of whom he was determined not to be alike even though his middle name was his father's full name - but at a great personal and public cost of his own life. Both in the conspiracy world and in the real world.

      The tenth anniversary of his (official) death has passed recently. Wherever the Michael Jackson we have seen since the late 1980s, is, I wish him peace. Wherever the real Michael Jackson has been since the late 1980s, I wish him the same.

      Rest In Peace
      Michael Joseph Jackson
      August 29th, 1958 - June 25th, 2009

  6. Hej, I'm trying to make some video project about this, and I'd like to know where I can find the whole interview where she sais "People don't want to know what the truth is, because they could never never handle it". What TV show is that?

    1. It was Access Hollywood, but the clip seems to be removed on Youtube. Maybe it's somewhere else, though I doubt it (cough, cough). What is still around is their report on the clip: Get it while it's still there. & Tina, maybe you can post it right away, in full (repost it) with link, so it doesn't disappear even if it is "suicided" ("disappeared") soon.

    2. there is a clip of the interview in the winged beatle movie on youtube

    3. The interview can be seen in the winged beatle on youtube

  7. Good luck anonymous. Ive looked all over for that clip. I believe the show was called Access Hollywood. But I could be mistaken.

  8. Hey PM,

    I heard of another girl that Paul was seeing around 1966 was Maggie McGivern. Faul eventually took her up and dated until around 68/69.

    What do you think of her and what do you think she knows?

  9. If Maggie McGivern really dated Paul, then she must have noticed when Faul took over. However, the story goes that she met Paul in 1966 & started dating 6 months later. It may have been Faul by then (that's what I suspect).

    This woman may have been a model, but she didn't fit Paul's type. Paul & John once said they were into girls who had the Brigitte Bardot look. None of Paul's "official" girlfriends fit that type. For a man that could have had any woman in the world (probably even Bardot herself), why would he pick women that didn't fit his type? Curious...

    My information (unverified but plausible) is that Paul dated Jane Asher for show, but had a real girlfriend (whom he loved) tucked away (this one was supposedly a Bardot lookalike). Anyway, if Jane had been his "girlfriend" for career reasons (for both), then it would explain how she could switch to dating Faul with barely a bat of the eye.

    More research is necessary into this matter - thanks for bringing it up.


      If Maggie McGivern was Paul's secret love then they must've gotten to her too. In the above article (see link above) She recounts her account of their relationship; going seamlessly from the beginning through late 1966 to 1968. And all but one photo of her is with Faul.

  10. This is a most intelligent post, Plastic Macca. I am always impressed with your posts. It is true that real people leave real hints, unwittingly or wittingly, under duress or in haste -- whatever the situation, we know that there is, as you said, an iceberg of behaviours and cover-ups and interrelationships of power brokers of the world which most artists/ citizens/ politicians only come to know about slowly. Even in the most innocent of event scenarios around the Beatles PID situation (a car crash and a hope filled cover-up with some intelligence agency help -- no Illuminati murders, no Satanism in the true sense, and so on) ... Ms. Mills would have reason to fear for her life.

    I think there's more to the whole thing, but even if it's just that she knows this one thing (PID) and fortunes and egos are at stake in many circles, it's still horrible.

  11. I may have some information regarding a girlfriend of Paul's that was "Tucked away" so to speak. It's odd because she did bare a striking resemblance to Ms. Bridgette Bardot. I really can't give out too much information at this time because the information that I have is from a source that is being very... shady.
    I do know that Her name was Alison (not sure if that's the exact spelling, could have well been Alyson Allison or some other variant) Her last name was Dobson. PlasticMacca, I may be able to disclose certain information with you privately, in which you could then use to further your research and possibly help conclude mine. You can contact me at
    Thank you.

  12. Most celebrities start out as who they are and then someone else comes in and takes their place if they don't agree to working for the NWO, or agree to become a Mason. If they agree to working for the NWO and the one world system which has been in place since the 1910's, then they live a happy life. A lot of people believe Elvis died in 1977, the truth is a little stranger. In fact so strange that a lot of people wouldn't be able to handle it! The question is "how many doubles did Elvis have?" When did the real Elvis die? Was it 1977 or a few years before? The same goes for Paul McCartney. The clues were there to throw people off of what really happened. The main idea is that he died. But they didn't reveal how. People think or assume it was a car crash, but was it really? The truth is much stranger. Michael Jackson is just another mystery. It's another door on your way down the rabbit hole. After the death of the orginals in the 1950's, a certain machine discovered how to profit from dead celebrities and bring them back with doubles, even though they were really dead. What else? Well if you still believe everything on the nightly news, you have a long way to go, before disovering the truth about this matrix.

    1. If this site had a "like" button, I would press it after reading your comment!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I am a new, albeit big Elvis Presley fan myself.

      I have researched into this and found that he may have been replaced during the Sun Sessions from 1954 - 1956 (between the release of his first album, Elvis '56, and up to the release of Jailhouse Rock ((real Elvis voice)) and replaced in the Hound Dog studio version. Elvis was known for his trademark deep voice however that was only heard post-EP56/Sun Sessions. Some say he was replaced after the war and I find myself inclined to believe them. Have not done as much research on Elvis than I have with Michael Jackson, who was literally replaced with a white man from a black man right before our eyes - with Elvis, it's just a little bit harder to identify his doubles since he wasn't known for surgical/musical transformations.

      One wonders what the point of this all was. To show us how we are at their mercy? To show us how even celebrities with talent such as Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, titled "Kings" in the music world, are truly just mortals like us, just with "Fame and Fortune"?

      To the real Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, both God's gifts to the world: May they forever rest in peace.

  13. People think or assume it was a car crash, but was it really? >> I think Paul was assassinated & replaced. I've posted about that on this blog, why I think that.

  14. If Paul was indeed assassinated,that could explain Faul, his musical experience , and the question of who the hell is he? But why assassinate Paul, and what was the reason they wanted him replaced? The motive seems to point to what the agency has planned for Faul, and who he is talking to behind closed doors.Whatever it is , I think that it's pretty big, maybe more than we we first thought, and that's why Faul is still doing his thing!

    1. William Junior Cambell from Marmelade? Research that one.

  15. The thing that bugs me is the voice. how could they have faked the voice? There's no surgery in the world that will make someone sound like Paul McCartney. But, his looks did change drastically over the years.

    1. I've seen many Beatles cover bands and there are a few out there that are exceptional. The Paul cover may not look exactly like him, but the voice, mannerisms, and lefty bass playing are exact. I've been listening to Beatles and Wings songs for many years and I could not tell the difference. In some respects, the cover sounded and played better than the original.

    2. There have been voice comparisons. Guess what ? There's proof the voices don't match. Look it up on YouTube.

    3. Faul has a Higher voice than James Paul McCartney. I think anyway.

  16. The voice is easy to mimic. Studio magick can speed up or slow down a recording to make the voice sound higher or lower. They also have voice morphing technology that can make anyone sound like anyone else...

    1. however

      paul voice in 1964:

      It is a somewhat "twangy", off, matte, linear and monotonous.


      The sharper tone does not seem the same.

      You are English speaking and you can appreciate better than me if the 2 Pauls have similar accents

  17. I met John and ' Faul' in NYC around 1968. It was before the PID stuff hit, but after watching those two react, it hit me very odd. For years I watched these two relate with a brotherly affection that was strong and powerful. Paul always had an inner sparkle in his eyes and a lighting quick sense of humor. Not only did I notice how strange Paul looked, their interaction was cold, icy, and John was extremely indifferent. Only later did I realize exactly who I actually was Faul. He wasn't like Paul at all, looks, mannerisms, voice, etc. it freaked me out. I'm 60 years old and haven't spoken about this until now. I hope the truth comes out.


  18. This is my first time on here. Some people wondered how Faul could play and sound like the real Paul. There is a story told of Robert Johnson, the legandary Blues guitarist. He wanted to play music so bad that he went to the Crossroads at midnight and sold his soul to the devil for superior musical talent. When he came back to Memphis, he played the guitar like no one had ever heard before. Unfortunately he died young. I have heard of other artists today who have sold their soul to the devil for fame and fortune. The illuminati are ruthless people, as I have found out by listening to a lot of YouTube videos on here. I came across all this about the Beatles by accident while searching for information on the Illuminati and the Occult in the music industry. I believe Paul didn't want to go along with their program and the other three Beatles did, maybe that is what he was so distressed about. The illuminati have taken out a lot of people over the years, most have been blood sacrifices for one reason or another. Paul may have ended up being a blood sacrifice for the Beatles, and it was made to look like a car accident. Then they had to step in and take care of everything, including the fake Paul's. I believe they forced the other three Beatles to go along with all of this. I just can't believe it has gone on this long. It seems like someone would have let something slip or said something they shouldn't have, like Ringo. Just some things to think about. I hope that the truth does come out soon, I have been praying about it. Heather is right, it will be devastating. My husband is a Beatle fan and I know he will take it hard.

  19. Hello. I am enjoying this group and the topic. Plastic Macca, thank you also for responding to the posts. I am writing because I believe that he was sacrificed. As alot of you know, in order for musicians or actors to get the ultimate fame that they desire, they must sell their souls and become products of the Illuminati.
    Just recently, Jennifer Hudson's family was murdered, and it kept Jennifer in the spotlight. She lost a bunch of weight and is now a sponsor for a weight loss ad. She is being offered parts and sang the tribute to Whitney Houston. Speaking of Houston, she was sacrificed as well. Take a look at the party at the hotel that was 4 floors below her dead body. Anyone see the visuals that were in that room? The pre-party for Clive Davis? It was horrid. Davis told the coroners to leave the body up there until after their party. Gee, I wonder why???
    The pop group Backstreet Boys turned into a joke. The sister of Aaron and Nick Carter was killed. Nick Carter would not attend the funeral because he said he was busy. hmmm Now they are back and making all kinds of appearances.
    Yes, I do believe in the sacrifice for music. I cannot be convinced otherwise. There are far too many coincidences. I do not know much about cloning, but I can tell you this: I have seen on the news Michael Jackson's dead body. He had no navel. But in many pictures through the years, Jackson has a prominant belly button.
    His sisters act like nothing happened. They laugh and carry on quickly after all this took place. I don't get it.
    I don't think I am reading something into nothing. That cannot be. There is too much evidence to the contrary.
    Paul McCartney could have been sacrificed to keep the music going. They could have been a cute flash in the pan. Think about it: Their music wasn't deep. It was fluffy and fun in 64 and 66. Maybe they needed that boost to keep record sales moving along. They had to shake it up and change their images. That makes sense to me.
    If you think this is strange, you may want to think back on so many things and it will make so much more sense.
    The music industry is evil. Elvis spoke up about it. He wasn't listened to. Look what happened to him: he started taking drugs. Do I think he was "in on it, too? " Yes. His mom died when she was fairly young. Elvis was in the army and wasn't recording. He had to stay relevant. So, his mom dies and he gets out and does even better than ever. It was during the death of his mother that he started abusing drugs.
    It cannot be easy for these musicians and actors to sacrifice a parent or a child or mentor, but they do it because fame is insane. They need it. They are talked into things and they sign things and the money is so wonderful. Elvis had said that fame was NOT worth it and he wishes he never got famous. He often wished that he had stayed a truck driver. Well, no wonder. You will often hear of celebrities wishing for their old simple lives.

    Britney Spears said in front of the paparazzi that a homeless man had it better than she did. Well, no wonder she said that. We already know about Monarch Programming and what she has to go through with that.
    I will conclude this with this thought: Don't ever think that these celebrities aren't in on it. They are. There are blood sacrifices made. There is rampant pedophilia in Hollywood. There is a huge illness over the entertainment industry. Ever wonder what makes a rich person do drugs and kill themselves? It is in the programming.
    Thank you for this space.

  20. All of this goes back to why the music is the vehicle being used to brainwash all of us. It has to do with Lucifer or Satan as we know him, he was created by God and he was the minister of music in heaven. Lucifer came to realize how much he could control through his music and he wanted to be God, so there was an epic battle and he was thrown out of heaven along with a third of the angels, what we now know as demons. We often picture these creatures as evil looking, but Satan can come as an angel of light and demons can take on any form they want, they can even walk through walls and doors. Satan is using the music of today to destroy humans, as he hates God's creation and he knows how to hurt God by doing this. I had heard the Beatles traveled to India in order to have the soul of Paul enter Faul's body. That can never happen, but a demon pretending to be Paul could have possessed Faul's body. Demons know all about us and can control a person once they are possessed. I wondered how Faul knew so much about Paul's life, and that could be one way he does. Of course I heard that Faul rewrites history all the time and he always has a story to tell about how a song was written or something that happened to the Beatles.
    I believe Paul was a blood sacrifice for the Beatles as I stated before. It wouldn't be the first time or the last time that this was done. I know some on here who have mentioned a few who were sacrificed. One who was sacrificed or murdered was Princess Diana. She died in a car accident that was no car accident. The elite didn't want her to marry a Muslim, let alone have his child. The elite want to maintain their blood lines, so she was taken out on August 31, 1997 in Paris. In a book I am reading called Billy Shear, the memoirs of Billy Shears, the writer says Paul was killed on 9/11/1966. I don't know if that is the correct date or he just used that date with 9/11/2001 in mind. I know that 9/11 is an important date for the Occult and the illuminati, as the Pentagon was dedicated on 9/11/1941, not sure if that year is right, and President George H.W. Bush gave his NWO speech to Congress on 9/11/1991. The Bush family is one of the blood lines for the elite. Some others who may have been sacrificed from the past are Selena, River Pheonix, Ricky Nelson, Bob Marley, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Buddy Holly, Patsy Cline, Andy Gibbs, and more recently, Tupac was murdered on Sept. 13, 1996 at age 25, Notorious Big murdered on March 9, 1997 at age 24, (same age as Paul), Anna Nicole Smith died Feb. 8, 2007, Chris Farley died of OD on Dec. 18, 1997, Kurt Cobain of a suicide? on April 5, 1994, I have many more that have been killed by the illuminati and these deaths are made to look like a suicide or an accident. Randy Quaid and his wife fled to Canada for fear of their lives in what he called Star Wackers, doesn't sound so crazy now. I don't know why they replaced Paul and not so many others, maybe because they had a replacement for him that would go along with the program. But if they can pull this off all these years, then what else have they done that we don't know about. How many others have been killed and replaced with a double or a clone? Like politicians, the pope, anyone who is famous. It is said the Walt Disney was a freemason and he built his Disney empire to lure children in so they could be brainwashed, the Monarch system of control. This is done in the movies, music and the theme parks as well. There is a whole underground at all the parks where this brainwashing is done, including torture of children. And you wonder where all these missing children are. I will close now, but I will keep looking for more informations about all of this. I just hope this helps in understanding about what is going on.

    1. @K30813squterica not exactly, David Icke in his book The Biggest Secret presents all evidence on that Mohamed AL Fayed, Dodi's dad, arranged everything to have Diana and his son sacrificed at the Bridge de la Alma in Paris, because he is a satanist illuminati too and contrary to what he publicly says he has close nexus with the royals via the Saudi royals. Watch the YouTube videos of David Icke talking about the sacrifice of Diana to the goddess Diana :/

    2. This is the first time I've done this so here goes.(just a theory) I think McCartney maybe was ritually sacrificed. beheaded with a knife but could be a car accident and the head was taken. I also think his head was used as a baphoment. Something Satanist do. (Skull and Bones for instance had an Indians skull) Turn me on dead man! They cast incantations at these and up rises a spirit. The cover of jumping jack flash by the Rolling Stones mocks the killing ritual, you have Brian Jones with the devils fork as well as being a trowl (on the Sgt Pepper album cover) as to dig the grave. and a glass of ritual blood. you have Charlie Watts emulating the first Paul beheaded with a bubble (Gurgle) coming out of his mouth. Harrison parody has a knife in his mouth and is praying as though he has been threatened into silence and is scarred. The second Paul (Faul) masked Masquarading as Paul. Johns incognito. mustache has a meaning too it can mean body cover, or just cover. also there is a mustache called a walrus mustache. it was a fake mustache never saw him was a fake mustache backtrack. (use other words described. Faul was a fake walrus. wasn't Paul. the interview they did together (Colour film) about apple in 1968. is full of in jokes between Faul and Lennon or supposed Lennon they are rife. (quotes) I Smashed him.. what do you think we are dead beats (Beatles) watch it carefully. they even knew about 9/11 in advance and slipped that joke in.(New York plane) the illuminati plans decades before these events. I think John was also replaced at some point but wont go into that now. if you listen to LSD backwards you will hear John Lennon singing (I smashed their heads in almost seen the dust) Ritual got out of control.. and on lovely Rita. (It must be bloody Rita) on Fauls ram album he has lily written at the side of it which if you think of the flower means plant or a type of lily can be know as devils plant. I think the song scarred by Lennon is him worrying about what happed his conscience and the price he will pay for his fame (No bell book or candle will get me out of this) (Magic). The Beatles band was hijacked pure and simple. Brian Epstien was dealt with accordingly and that left the band in turmoil seeing as Brian managed all their affairs. think of how many people where bumped off surrounding that band. just some ideas here anyway I could be right I could be wrong.

  21. @K30813squterica: *a demon pretending to be Paul could have possessed Faul's body* ~ you got it...

    1. >Plastic MaccaMay 7, 2012 11:54 AM

      >@K30813squterica: *a demon pretending to be Paul could have possessed Faul's body* ~ you >got it...

      I think he is considered a Messiah of a kind by his Illuminati sect, I made this video

      Pics show that even Paul 0.0 liked of making hand signs

  22. @Carlos Santillan... I watched your video and only one of the photos you include in your montage is the REAL James Paul McCartney, and that is the one with the hand on his head. All the rest are Faul or other doubles. And yes, there have been more than one.

  23. Are any of you still out there?

  24. Is it in any way significant that this whole PID thing seems to have resurrected over the last couple of months? (I'm relatively new to it and got here after hearing Nick Kollestrom's interview on the Richie Allen Show a couple of days ago). Could it be that we are about to learn a lot more about wahat really happened, someone blowing the whistle perhaps?

    1. I am wondering the same thing....this keeps coming up, and God knows I have tried to ignore it. From what I know of Nick Kollerstrom, he must feel pretty strongly about the subject to have written a book on it. I feel it is all connected to a far greater deception and that is why he has done so.
      I did so hate this theory to begin with. I was so convinced it was an elaborate hoax. But after reading comments on here and other places I now believe there is no smoke without fire.
      As a life long Beatles fan , this hurts. However, now many things make sense to me. Today's macca does not float my boat and I miss the original. My eyes have been opened and it's a tragedy.
      I even hated Heather Mills but now wonder what exactly she was up against. ...
      I will continue to read with interest.

  25. Shakespeare has nothing on this when it comes to the line "there is more in heaven and hell" . . . Even if George (number 2?) left some truth in his actual last will and testament about any of this, who is prepared? Paul was replaced. But so were the other three. The fact that "Bill", who the illuminati use as the scape goat, should not detour anyone from the facts s one searches, no matter how strange the damned truth seems. Too many differences between the set of four against the replacements (doppelgangers) is available to all of us, but we need to be open to these possibilities. They were all replaced in '66, and to some extent they were even mixed with each other to make it almost impossible to notice the swap, but it's there. Nobodies facial features change as much drastically (like "Bill") or subtly (with the other three) as the these four underwent, no matter what f**cking drugs the used (I have a friend who did almost every drug known to man, a lot, and he's still the same SOB that he was when we were in our youth). Nay-sayers and sycophants be damned, but a major coup occurred in front of billions of eyes and never was noticed as it occurred. Forty-nine years later, we're playing catch-up to what transpired; at least, those of us who understand that something wicked had occurred in the first place . . . .

  26. I really do believe that Faul's face was used to create Mrs. Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama's mother. Faul is evil. I don't like to look at his photos. When is someone going to speak out. In a way, I wish Heather Mills will speak out. We will not be devastated. We know the truth.

  27. For all that I know there could be 11 Paul McCartney's
    with 1 down and 10 to come.
    There was 3 Paul McCartney's in a boat.
    There was Invasion Paul to the Left
    and Revolver Paul in the Middle
    and Pepper Paul to the Right.
    How can this be right?
    Oh my,I give it a night.

  28. I think the whole Billy Shears thing is a trick to misguide. Billy, I have learned, is a nickname used to address a goat (the devil,satan). Shears are large scisors for cutting sheeps' wool: very clear meaning, don't you think? . In a different line of thought, very few people mention the deaths surrounding many friends and coworkers The Beatles had, including Brian Epstein. There's a blog with the title Black Beatle that says that Paul died in 1962... Weird.

  29. Well, after reading through many of the replies on here, I followed a link to Jr. Campbell's videos over on YouTube, and checked out a few of them, and found this one:

    Here are some of the words in that song, which is entitled "Hallelujah Freedom":
    "Oh, they tried to make me crawl behind them
    they even tried to break my mind in
    they grabbed my pride and they threw it in my face...

    ...Oh, and then my day came to leavin'
    I could tell by their smile it grieved them
    But I held my head and I walked right through the door..."

    Nonsense--whoever wrote that wrote it as pure mockery of Paul, in my estimation!

    It is odd that the group in Scotland changed it's name after Campbell joined it in 1966, and the names of some of the band's songs sound as though Paul McCartney could have written them, as well as the words. However, I think I smell a king-sized rat behind all of that. So, after some careful consideration, this is the conclusion I've reached:

    The 'elitists' behind this nwo are very powerful and wealthy of course, so if they wanted to throw everyone off the track, concerning what happened to anyone at their hands, they could leave as many misdirecting 'clues' around as they wished, including having that band's name changed, and having songs they sang sound as though Paul could have written them. Songs like "Hallelujah Freedom", and even one entitled, "Goodbye Baby Jane"!

    Sure, Campbell himself doesn't even begin to resemble Paul, but the idea I think was to make people, who would check out this possible link, believe that Paul really had 'escaped' from the rat race of Beatledom, and had begun writing songs for 'other people', which is something he told David Frost in an interview back in 1964, that he really wanted to do someday.

    And, I think what Anonymous {December 7, 2015 at 7:08 PM}said about Billy being the nickname for a goat, which is a symbol for the devil/satan, and Shears being large scissors for cutting sheep's wool, [as pointing to whom it is that really orchestrated Paul's death and replacement], is a very good insight--they only placed that doppelganger, 'f'aul, into the Beatles to pretend to be Paul, and gave him the 'not-so-secret' nick "Willy/Billy 'Shears' Campbell"[on the "Sgt. Pepper's" album] as a form of mockery directed at both Paul and us. Then, having 'f'aul pose with his wife and kids, out on Paul's farm in Scotland, and having his['f'aul's] son hold a shepherd's crook, is just outlandish mockery, and a very sad commentary on who was really behind it all.

    Because, that was the farm Paul bought just prior to his 'disappearance', so they seem to be telling us that Paul literally "bought the farm", that now his 'successor' was living on--sort of an "up your nose" kind of insult directed towards Paul and his memory, and towards us, is what I think! :(

  30. Hi again--something else occurred to me once I'd posted that last note on the subject of Campbell, and that group called "Marmalade" he joined up in Scotland in 1966. I remembered how, during a reverse speech done on one of 'f'aul's audios, that 'f'aul is heard literally screaming "I am Willy Campbell!"--that's what hit me--the guy calling himself Willie Campbell right now is not Willy Campbell--'f'aul is Willie Campbell, and the guy in the "Marmalade" group is someone else altogether--that has to be it, so far as I can tell--but, why switch out Campbell, and make him pretend to be McCartney?

    Apparently, the reason was due to how much easier it would be to transform Campbell into a McCartney doppelganger, than it would be to transform someone else--but, the plot thickens with the idea that the guy they got to portray Campbell would then have songs the group would play that would make it sound as though Paul had simply gone off to Scotland to live on his farm, and write 'songs for other people', as he told Frost he would in that tv interview in 1964.

    Paul also said something a bit odd after he said that to Frost--he said, almost under his breath that 2 years more would be 'about right', before he 'retired', which made Frost laugh since Paul was only 22! Yet, frighteningly, Paul's words about the 2 years seem to have come true, but definitely not in the way he wanted, since Paul was thinking 'retirement' from the Beatles, so he could go and live on his farm in Scotland, and then write songs for other people. So, I think they used that against him, and it helped them as they weaved their tangled web of lies and deceit in order to hide what they did to him!

    So, "Willie Campbell" now plays the part of Paul McCartney, while some unknown guy now stands in for the real Willie in that group, "Marmalade"--and, sweet Paul is now with God and His angels in heaven. However--'f'aul is NOT happy being unable to tell everyone exactly who he really is, as evidenced in what was heard during the reverse speech audio discovered by David Oates.
    {And, I'd like to apologize to Mr. Oates for getting his name wrong in an earlier note on here--I'd just heard about him, and had only just begun to listen to his audios on the reverse speech, and I inadvertently called him "Mr. Oakes"--my bad! I'm sorry, Mr. Oates! And, thank you for all the hard work you do that is helping to uncover the truth about so very many things people try to keep hidden! :)}

  31. Hi--here is a link to a short video in which the reverse speech clearly shows that 'f'aul is extremely unhappy not being able to tell the world who he really is:

    The usual trolls, with their name calling and insults, showed up to voice their opposition to those of us who are genuinely doing some research into this subject. However, this video offers some of the best evidence as to what 'f'aul is going through, and how badly he wants out of what he's now trapped in, thanks to the diabolical members of the nwo.

  32. Hello Tina, If the gold ring on Faul's fourth finger right hand, can be shown as having belonged to JamesPaul - that may prove worthwhile in illustrating that someone had access to JP's self, or corpse. Nice work, Tina.


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