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Double Fantasy: Background Information on Doubles

Paul McCartney was impostor-replaced by "Faul."

A double is a person who looks and acts like another person, who may even have been surgically altered to look like that person. According to Abner Whatley, the Illuminati replace people with doubles. He said they recruited lookalikes for many years who would serve their ends.

According to Fritz Springmeier, there is an ongoing program to find lookalikes for prominent people. Plastic surgery has also been done to help touch up the doubles. There are look-alike contests often sponsored and used by those forces seeking to find doubles to play the parts of public figures. [There was Paul McCartney look-alike contest in 1965 (Keith Allison won)]

A political decoy (or other impersonator) is a person employed to impersonate a politician, in order to draw attention away from the real person or to take risks on their behalf. This can also apply to military figures, or civilians impersonated for political/espionage purposes. The political decoy is an individual who has strong physical resemblance to the person they are impersonating. This resemblance can be strengthened by plastic surgery. Often, such decoys are trained to speak and behave like their 'target.'
"Political decoy,"

"Know the character ... you will have to be inside and out - their clothes, facial expressions, gait, gestures, personal habits, thoughts and reactions."
- Manual on Personal Disguises, US Office of Strategic Services
But this is serious business, with a long history. And it would be naive, some intelligence officials have suggested, to think that everyone isn't playing the game
Winston Churchill, George Washington and Franklin D. Roosevelt made use of a double. Most world leaders -- and the intelligence apparata surrounding them -- consider doubles and decoys a part of their bag of tricks...
''It's definitely a play that one wants to have in their arsenal,'' Mr. Mendez said. ''It's the sort of thing that comes to mind immediately when you think about the good guys and the bad guys. The idea of bilocation -- of being able to be in two places at once -- is key to some situations of security,'' he said. ''Everyone uses it.'' ...
TOM ZELLER, "The World; Will the Real Saddam Hussein Please Step Down," October 6, 2002,

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Some of the purposes of a double can be to:
  • make public appearances (political decoys or celebrity impersonators)
  • take over [for ex, in case of death] to exploit that person’s popularity and influence
  • create an alibi or frame up (espionage/crime)

Here are some scenarios for the use of doubles:

...The physical similarities of doubles allows intelligence agencies to place an individual in different places at the same time. One twin could be involved in an illegal or clandestine operation, while the second twin could be in a different location among people who could provide an alibi. If the first twin were identified by witnesses as having committed a crime, then s/he could be apprehended by authorities. When questioned, the first twin would simply provide the names of witnesses who were with the other twin in a different location when the crime was committed. When authorities interviewed those witnesses, and verified the story, the first twin would be released. Unless the authorities knew about the second twin, it would be very difficult to charge the first twin with a crime. In a professional and carefully planned covert operation, no one would realize what had happened, and both twins would walk away.

A similar covert operation could involve one of the twins, "C" (criminal), committing a crime while the second twin, "P" (Patsy - ex. Lee Harvey Oswald), was in a different location and knew nothing about what was happening. Twin "C" would commit the crime in the presence of witnesses, but twin "P" would be identified as the culprit and arrested. "P" would deny any involvement in the crime, but with numerous witnesses he would not be believed. If the twin "P" were killed before having a chance to tell about his twin, then the truth might never be known...
John Armstrong, JFK 101: An excerpt from "Harvey & Lee: How the CIA Framed Oswald" at http://www.jfkresear...m/jfk_101.html

... Perhaps the most famous political decoy, soldier M.E. Clifton James successfully impersonated General Bernard Montgomery ("Monty") for intelligence purposes during World War II.[7] In 1940, James acted in an Army production called When Knights Were Bold and his photograph appeared in an Army newspaper with a remark about how much he resembled General Montgomery. As a result, he was approached by actor David Niven in May 1944. Niven, then a Colonel in the Army Kinematograph Section, told James he was wanted to impersonate "Monty", as this would allow Montgomery to be somewhere else, so confusing the Germans. James had to learn Montgomery's gestures, mannerisms, gait and voice and had to give up smoking. Because James had lost his right-hand middle finger in the First World War, a realistic replacement was made. Even his wife had to be deceived and was both kept in the dark and sent back to Leicester. Once he was trained, his trip as "Monty" was to Gibraltar and from there to Algiers. "Monty's" presence succeeded in confusing the Germans in regard to the invasion plans...
"Political decoy,"
Gen. Montgomery (top) vs. M.E. Clifton James (bottom)

... There is nothing new about "doubles", hoaxes, and trickery by those who control the mass media. Many people think that a "double" is an exotic, rare occurrence, but actually "doubles" are relatively easy to find for those who specialize in that field...
Since medieval times "doubles" have been used as an instrument of intrigue. History is replete with the exploits of impostors who have taken the place of the rich and the powerful, and often they have been remarkably successful. If all of this is new to you, I urge you to do your own library research. For example, one of the latest books on the whole area of hoaxes was published in 1977 by Reader's Digest--it's called "The Pleasures of Deception" by Norman Moss. Chapter 4 of the book deals with a topic that is specially relevant here--that is, hoaxes perpetrated by means of the mass media...
Dr. Peter David Beter, Audio Letter No. 44, March 29, 1979,

A couple of years ago, information was released about one of Stalin's official doubles, Felix Dadaev.

Felix Dadaev (left) and Joseph Stalin (right)

... Despite the careful curve of the brows and the immaculate hair, these pictures show someone else entirely, someone who has never been supreme leader of the Soviet Republic.

This, as the Russian public has been learning, is Felix Dadaev, a dancer and juggler who, amid the desperate defence against Hitler's invading armies, was ordered to the Kremlin to work as Stalin's body double...

Dadaev's new autobiography explains that he was one of four men employed to impersonate the supreme leader, taking his place in motorcades, at rallies, on newsreel footage and wherever ? as at Yalta ? ...
"Even when I was young, my friends joked that I looked like Stalin," he recalled.
"By the time my make-up and training were complete, I was like him in every way, except perhaps my ears. They were too small."

Trained at the personal request of Stalin, Dadaev attended rallies and meetings across Russia wearing the leader's trademark Red Army cap and heavy overcoat encrusted with medals.
He rarely had a speaking part but, in an age before television, his carefully copied appearance and mannerisms went down well.
It helped that he had trained as both an actor and illusionist...

One evening in 1943, he was flown to a cottage near Moscow where officers from the NKVD (predecessor of the KGB) demanded that he forge a new and distinctive identity.
"I was flattered, of course ? proud to look like the leader, proud to think what my friends who teased me about looking like him when I was young would say now," he said. Just into his 20s, Dadaev was a great deal younger than Stalin, but make-up and the strain of war meant that he could pass as a 60-year-old...

He spent months in training, some of it under the eagle eye of Lavrenty Beria, Stalin's feared chief of secret police. He watched movies of Stalin to perfect the mimicry of his movement and intonation...

"But my ability to copy Stalin's manners, voice and walk was far more important." ...

Today, General Vlasik's daughter Nadezhda Nikolayevna confirms Dadaev's role.
"Yes, they used doubles," she said.
"All the tricks to distract attention from the leader were invented by my father...

"Stalin had four doubles in all. He was very afraid of attempts on his life.
"Spies surrounded him and every trip was thoroughly planned. For example, doubles were often substituted for him on the way to the airport...

"Everyone was sure it was Stalin himself. I walked to the mausoleum with members of the government, then stood on the central dais, smiling and greeting the passing columns.

"The key thing was to get the step right. When Stalin was among his entourage, his walk was prompt and firm...

Antonio and Patricio De La Guardia, identical twin brothers, were Cuban spies. [Source]

A convincing double who is trained to speak and act like the original could easily step into the shoes of the original. Probably very few would even suspect an imposter-replacement had occurred.

For more information, please see The Splitting Image: Exposing the Secret World of Doubles, Decoys, and Impostor-Replacements by Tina Foster

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  1. But weren't most of these without plastic surgery? And wasn't the original still alive before and after the decoys?

  2. Plastic surgery is used for more permanent changes.

    There is a good possibility that Kim Jong Il & Saddam Hussein were impostor-replaced.

    One must concede the possibility that a convincing double could permanently step into the shoes of the original. What happens with the original probably depends on the circumstances.

  3. Interesting about Eddie because I am not a fan, but That is very very obviously not the same man. This is an old ploy with these folks. Paul and George were figured out long ago, and even rumours about Ringo. But Paul, proven.

    Has no one noticed just how many Hollywod couples have twins? That is just a small detail to keep in mind for the future because twins are considered to be metaphysically powerful as well as the usual benefits on set.

    Saddam had dozens of copyboys. It is rumoured and b some accounts proven that one of them swung the rope for him.

  4. Amazing!!! And people still Can't see That this guy isn't Paul McCartney,but instead,,,a cosmetic double.

  5. yes the top picture it is unbelieveable people can't see the difference look you can see paul's ears stick out why is faul's ear's not sticking out like paul's cant people see this. mpmp

  6. Because they don't want to see it!

  7. I believe most people simply dismiss the whole idea as rubbish as soon as the topic is mentioned--so much scorn had been heaped on the heads of all who tried to speak on this subject, in the past, that you just couldn't get anyone, or hardly anyone, to take it all seriously enough--they simply would laugh and say it was just crazy--the question as to why would just be devastating, because, unless anyone had a really good reason ready to offer them, it was all but hopeless!--I'd never even considered satanists, or illuminists, etc.--it didn't dawn on me what was going, and how far along we were towards the new world order, until recently--so, a subject like this just seemed like so much nonsense, or it was all just some kind of publicity stunt to keep interest in the Beatles up high enough to affect earnings--either from the purchase of their old albums, books about them, or public appearances by Faul--who, interestingly enough, is still on stage, plugging away for all he's worth$$$--as for the other Beatles being replaced--since it was hard enough to get myself to take the subject of a sub for Paul seriously, the idea of their being 3 more faux men from that same group, was something that never crossed my mind one time ever!

  8. Did you ever hear of Mary Ella Dees? - "In 1937, upon the sudden death of actress Jean Harlow, Dees was cast by MGM boss Louis B. Mayer as a four-minute stand-in for Harlow, who was acting on the film Saratoga with Clark Gable, which was still in production at the time.... Harlow died during production of Saratoga. Ninety percent completed, the remaining scenes were filmed with long shots or the use of doubles like Mary Dees; Gable would say that he felt as if he was "in the arms of a ghost".


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