Saturday, September 19, 2009

Plastic People: Doubles, impostors, & plastic surgery

"I can see right through your plastic mac."
~ The Who, from "Substitute"

Creating a convincing double not only involves disguises, it may also involve plastic surgery for more permanent changes.

Finding lookalikes willing to serve a higher calling isn't difficult, Mr. Mendez said, particularly when patriotic passions are inflamed. Makeup artists are deft at making temporary changes. And turning to plastic surgery for more permanent alterations is common in every corner of international intrigue.

TOM ZELLER, "The World; Will the Real Saddam Hussein Please Step Down," October 6, 2002,

Plastic surgery was already in use in the 1940's to improve doubles likeness to their "targets."
The Special Operations Executive (SOE) (sometimes referred to as "theBaker Street Irregulars") was a World War II organisation of the United Kingdom. It was initiated by Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Minister of Economic Warfare Hugh Dalton on July 22, 1940, to conduct warfare by means other than direct military engagement. Its mission was to encourage and facilitate espionage and sabotage behind enemy lines and to serve as the core of the Auxiliary Units, a British resistance movement.
... The SOE used a range of disguise techniques. The illustration shows what the catalogue claims can be done with a 'little shading, a theatrical moustache and a pair of glasses'. These minimalist, but highly effective, disguise techniques were drilled home to the SOE recruits by their instructors. In the field, new disguises had to be quick and easy. For more radical disguises, some agents even underwent plastic surgery to change their appearance.
More about doubles in this interview:

"The Splitting Image" by Tina Foster ~ Trailer 2

"Plastic Man" - wears a plastic mac - The Kinks

Faul McCartney wearing what appears to be a prosthetic face mask:

Faul with an assortment of fake noses? 
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The Luciferian Deception

Reptilians, Cetaceans and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth


  1. When I was a fifth grader I liked to draw. Abstract doodles in the wake of Lennon's death. I was teased by the class nerd for liking only Archie comic s and not superheroes. So, I invented a supervillain, The S.O.E. which stood for The Sourcerer of Evil. I looked up the American spelling and removed the "u". I also removed the "The." I had never heard of your SOE agents unless my teacher discussed it. My drawings were subconsciously inspired by the Lennon-Chapman pics. Now, Sony calls thems-elves SOE as well.


  3. what about the harrison's groupie the travelling WILL BURY? strange no?

  4. Also noticed something strange.

    I know it sounds a bit funny, but after looking through mounds of pictures comparing the two, I have never before noticed body hair patterns. JPM's seems to be relegated mostly to the legs, the hands, and definitely the arms. Very little chest hair as well. Faul, on the other hand, seems to have quite a lot of chest hair and not so much on the arms and hands like JPM. The five o clock shadows also aren't the same.

    Have you ever looked into this, Tina?

  5. ^ Yes, we noticed Paul's hairy hands. lol A member of the PID MH forum had a tag on his user name about how the 5 o'clock shadows weren't the same. Can't remember who that was now... But yeah, thanks for mentioning the body hair. Very observant! :)

  6. Why hasn't someone had the "paulls" to challenge Faul in court, present the evidence, insist on unaltered DNA testing, etc? Faul's done a good "job" of acting as James Paul McCartney all these years but the change in musical quality post Beatles of mccartney music says it all.

  7. My opinion on this whereas the changing musical format and style is concerned is that not too much weight should be placed on it. Granted there is a marked difference in styles between 65 - 67 but one thing you must consider is that The Beatles more than likely did not write all their music. I'm speaking as a professional musician when I say that it takes years to develop a style. You cannot just change it overnight. Given that fact it is more than obvious to me that The Beatles were a made band. Do I believe Paul is dead ? I believe that the guy on Sgt Peppers posing as Paul McCartney is not the same guy that is posing as Paul McCartney on Rubber Soul. Who knows what these deceptive creeps are up to .

  8. I can't understand how post-1966 Beatles would not be stopped from presenting so many 'clues' in both their music and images after powers-that-be had gone to such extremes to cover it up in the first place??


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