Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I can smell your feet a mile away - Paul/Faul foot comps

Faul famously crossed the street barefoot on Abbey Road.

Smile away... Yeah, I'm smiling because it's so obvious that the two men do not have the same feet. Here are Paul McCartney's feet with the standard 5 toes:

Here are Faul's feet:

Please note that Plastic Macca appears to suffer from polydactyly. He has 6 - count them - 6 toes! (Thanks to Greg Gentry & Timothy Leslie for pointing that out!)

Image may contain: 3 people, including Tina Foster, people smiling, people sitting, shorts, child, outdoor and nature
NeFAULim w/ 6 toes

Paul did not sprout an extra toe in his mid-20's. 

"Paul's" shoe size changed from 8 to 9.5. It would make sense that Faul would need a larger shoe to accommodate his extra toes!

paul is dead - the rotten apple

Faul and Paul are not the same man any way you cut it.

The Luciferian Deception
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  1. That is an excellent comparison, Faulster.

  2. is that a right-handed bass he's holding, because if you hold it right-handed,then the volume knobs would be on the bottom, which they're supposed to

  3. paulista/paulicistaApril 15, 2012 at 10:47 PM

    Hi, I found this photo

    Paul on this image shows a pair of shoes number 27. I found on internet that that number it's on Japan and the equivalent on the UK is 8.5 as you can see on the link:

  4. You know, as a psychology major, the first thing you learn when "reading" liars is that when people lie, they tend to put their hand to their face. FBI profilers write about this and there was a show on tv called Lie Detector where this man was a natural lie detector. He told about the subtle nuances of soemone who is being deceitful. I am not reaching for straws when I tell you this: When Faul is talking up there about how hot it was that day, he is adamant and pushes the real truth that it was hot that day. That is the truth. You can tell he wasn't lying. But he gets deceitful and comical when he goes and reaches for his face. Watch it again. I have seen him do this in a few interviews when he talks about Faul. He doesn't reach for his face when he talks about truthful things. For instance, there is footage of him on Letterman. Dave asks Faul about his death. Faul finds it really comical, and reaches for his face and looks out and around the audience for approval. Like he is convincing people. ANother thing I find odd is his behavior. Paul was cute and funny and a little quirky. Faul is so strange and erratic. He makes a point of always having an audience. There was this article I was reading yesterday about him buying Linda McCartney's notes from an author and he made sure to say his business really loud so everyone could hear him. He was talking bad about Heather, his soon to be ex at the time. He was discrediting her in a public place. He kept looking around to make sure that the other diners could hear him. He was extra nice to the waitress, too.

    Someone who is not deceitful and who lives a clean life is not always out to prove themselves. I can understand if you are innocent of something and you are trying to prove a fallacy wrong that you would get upset, but Faul goes over the top. His music was really bad, too. That is my opinion, but have you noticed that alot of the songs he wrote with John were hits? They were interesting and catchy. Yeah, they were strange, but the rhythm and chorus were catchy. John Lennon's solo songs were good and catchy. Faul's were not so much. And he was always going around making the Wing sign. He is a weird man. Very strange.

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  6. Another clue: Paul had a small mole just to the right of his right nipple. As of 1967, it is gone.

  7. all leading with left feet except one barefoot person

  8. Six toes =666
    Six fingers =666
    Left hand bass =666


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